• Marine support base, Atash, Kazakhstan
  • Geotechnical survey at Kozhan Oilfield
  • Aktau city projectMarine Support Base of CES LLP
  • Offshore survey at KCOI Base
  • Caspian Energy Hub
  • Bautino Fabrication Yard
  • Oil terminal project in Sygendy (bathymetric survey)
  • Future Growth Project (laboratory works)
  • Offshore geotechnical survey for KCOI base
  • Marine Support Base in Atash
  • Caspian Energy Hub. Topographical survey
  • KCOI base. Offshore geotechnical survey
  • Bautino Fabrication Yard. Offshore geotechnical survey
  • Ersai Base in Kuryk. Geotechnical survey
  • Shipyard construction in Kuryk. Bathymetric survey
  • Soil investigation for Dry Dock construction. Geotechnical survey
  • Decommissioning and relocation of drilling rig at Agip base in Bautino. Geotechnical survey
  • Block N, Caspian Sea. Final Engineering Geological Report
  • Universal Loading-Unloading Terminal. Geotechnical survey
  • Pipeline geotechnical survey. CMOC
  • Ural river and Caspian Sea entrance geotechnical and bathymetry survey
  • CaTRo project. Tranzition zone in Prorva, Kazakhastan
  • Shimkent Refinery, Kazakhstan. Cross Hole Test
  • Jack-up testing position, Ersai base, Kuryk. Geotechnical survey
  • Rakushechnoe, Caspian Sea. Final Engineering Geological Report
  • Aktau port North Expansion. Offshore Geotechnical survey
  • Karabatan trunkline survey. Shallow water Geotechnical survey
  • Kashagan trunkline survey. Offshore Geotechnical survey
  • Satpayev EAST. Final Engineering Geological Report
  • Makhambet. Final Engineering Geological Report
  • New Shipyard in Kuryk. Offshore geotechnical survey works
  • Jack-up testing position, Ersai base, Kuryk
  • CaTRo channel, Prorva. Additional Cone Penetration Testing at Marine Channel
  • Lab testing for Environmental monitoring
  • CaTRo channel, Prorva. Topographical and geotechnical survey works
  • Anaklia Port Development Project, Georgia
  • Engineering geological survey for construction of new facilities. Ersai base, Kuryk
  • Plate Load Test at the area of Heavy Pipe Rack erection, TCO construction area. Ersai base, Kuryk
  • Laboratory tests to determine the modulus of elasticity for the project Sarja Multifunctional Marine Terminal
  • Kashagan Island access project. Offshore drilling/sampling. Offshore CPT, lab testing
  • Poti Port Expansion, Georgia
  • MAC-2020 project (Marine access channel). Offshore drilling/sampling. Offshore CPT, lab testing
  • Kuryk port Expansion
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